Mueller Receives Horrifying Message – Goodbye

Robert Mueller and his team of anti-Trump hacks never expected any pushback. They stormed in as privileged elites — now they’re playing defense like never before.

Immediately following the bombshell revelation by former FBI Director Andrew McCabe that they discussed ousting President Trump, Mueller’s team countered by repeating a debunked smear against Roger Stone.

It was simple: Get the mainstream media in a tizzy over supposed evidence of communication between Stone and Wikileaks to prove “collusion” between them to sway the 2016 election for Trump. Unsurprisingly, they have provided nothing so far.

In contrast, Stone and Wikileaks have denied the allegations entirely. Stone said, “There is no evidence whatsoever that I knew about the source of content on the WikiLeaks disclosures or that I received any allegedly hacked or allegedly stolen material”.

For their part, WikiLeaks released an exhaustive legal letter explaining that it’s “false and defamatory to suggest that there was a ‘back channel’ between Julian Assange and Roger J. Stone during, or prior to, the U.S. 2016 presidential election.”

Mueller’s team committed a classic red herring. In order to distract from their treasonous plan to remove Trump from office, they tried to introduce a completely unrelated and discredited story. It didn’t work, and that’s bad news for Mueller.

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