Mueller Jail Announcement – Just Revealed…

Special counsel Robert Mueller has requested a delay in the sentencing of former Trump campaign aide Rick Gates, whose cooperation continues to be needed for “several ongoing investigations” connected with the Russia probe.

The vague request is likely to reinforce suspicions among Mueller’s critics that his nearly two-year investigation is a witch hunt, and that he is nowhere near ready to file a final report — or at least not a report that validates his multi-million dollar probe.

Gates, who was indicted by Mueller in October 2017, pleaded guilty last year to conspiracy and to making false statements to the FBI and the special counsel’s office.

Gates then helped investigators make a case against his business partner Paul Manafort, who he claimed to have helped hide money in offshore bank accounts to avoid taxes.

However, neither Gates nor Manafort were convicted of illegal collusion, or of any crimes directly linked to collusion.

It is unknown why Gates remains important to Mueller’s investigation, but any questions that could have been asked of him regarding President Trump’s relationship with the Russians were no doubt already answered long ago.

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