Mueller Gets Taste of His Own Medicine – Hauled In And…

Former special counsel Robert Mueller spent two years on a witchhunt against Donald Trump and his campaign allies. Now, he just got a taste of his own medicine — he’s getting hauled in by authorities. There’s no escape for him.

With Democrats furious that Mueller’s investigation was a dud and Republicans rightly questioning the investigation’s legitimacy, House Judiciary Chairman (D-NY) Jerry Nadler is calling for Mueller to come before his committee to testify.

First, Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) tweeted, “In order to ask Special Counsel Mueller the right questions, the Committee must receive the Special Counsel’s full report and hear from Attorney General Barr about that report on May 2.”

“We look forward to hearing from Mr. Mueller at the appropriate time,” Rep. Collins concluded. Chairman Nadler responded, “I fully agree.” Mueller should “answer questions in public about his 22 month investigation into President Trump and his associates.”

Americans shouldn’t expect anything productive from the questioning by Chairman Nadler or any of the other Democrats, however, Rep. Collins and other Republican members are ready to grill Mueller and get real answers about his witchhunt.

Ultimately, Democrats are after the full, unredacted report by Mueller — and they’ll attempt every parlor trick to get it. But Attorney General William Barr has plainly said, “I don’t intend at this stage to send the full unredacted report to the committee.”

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