Mueller DEVASTATED – Judge Publicly REVERSED Him…

A federal judge has issued a ruling that negates a significant part of Robert Mueller’s report about his investigation into claims that President Donald Trump engaged in collusion with Russia before the 2016 election, a copy of the ruling showed.

D.C. District Court Judge Dabney Friedrich said that Mueller violated government rules when he said there was a connection between the Internet Research Company, a privately-owned Russian company, and the Russian government.

Mueller never gave any evidence of a connection, the judge said. Furthermore, linking the two together in the report was “prejudicial.”

Friedrich stopped short of holding Mueller in contempt for the error, but said there would be negative consequences if Mueller or others continued to say there was a connection between the two.

Surely CNN or MSNBC will feature this story on their next broadcast. On second thought, don’t hold your breath.

Read the full ruling here.

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