Mueller Decision Reversed – It Was Just Announced…

A bombshell announcement just dropped about Robert Mueller’s witch-hunt against President Trump. His decision was reversed.

A stunning special report from One America News Network (OANN) explains how Attorney General William Barr “worked to bring the special counsel’s investigation to an end.”

In the OANN report entitled ‘Attorney General Barr Legally Outmaneuvered Mueller And Weissmann,’ journalist Jack Posobiec laid out his case convincingly.

“The investigation changes from collusion, which they know is not true, and then at some point in early 2018 in turns into obstruction, which is much more abstract kind of concept,” he said.

Posobiec interviewed Will Chamberlain with Human Events to break it all down. Chamberlain’s thesis is that Barr and Trump’s legal team “tried to… convince Rosenstein that the obstruction theory was legally unsound.”

In the end, Mueller chose not to prosecute President Trump for collusion or obstruction, showing just how crucial Barr’s appointment was to ending the witch-hunt permanently.

See the full story here.

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