Mueller Caught Red-Handed – Criminal Announcement

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s zeal to take down President Trump by any means necessary may be catching up with him.

Zeroing in on the FBI’s highly publicized arrest of Trump ally Roger Stone, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said, “There is abuse after abuse by the Mueller operation, and the Roger Stone raid is the latest abuse.” Ultimately, as Fitton points out, this is about “embarrassing [Trump] and preparing the battlefield for his removal.”

Fitton discussed the situation in a video posted to social media, saying that it’s important to “remember what Mr. Mueller was hired to do — investigate Russia collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians. So this isn’t about that collusion. There’s no evidence of Russian collusion again in this big indictment.”

What this indictment allows  is for Mueller to stay around a bit longer. “I think as long as President Trump is president there will be a special counsel investigation hanging over him. This is why in my view it needs to be shut down,” said Fitton.

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