Mueller Bombshell Leaked – We Got Him

There hasn’t been a so-called “investigation” in recent memory as transparently political as the one conducted by Robert Mueller against President Trump and his allies. Now we know just how deeply corrupt Mueller has run his operation.

According to a bombshell court filing by Roger Stone’s legal counsel, Stone’s indictment was illegally released by Mueller’s team to the media before his arrest by the FBI, thereby explaining why CNN was at Stone’s house prior to the incident. A detailed timeline is provided as evidence.

However, the main takeaway here is simple: Stone’s lawyers claim a draft copy of the sealed indictment was sent to a CNN reporter two days prior to the arrest, based upon the document’s last known “save date” obtained through computer research.

“The public release of a grand jury Indictment document sealed by the Court prior to Roger Stone’s arrest, directly and willfully violated a lawful order of the Court and compromised the secrecy of grand jury proceedings in violation of Rule 6(e) of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure,” reads the filing.

Read the full story here.

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