Mueller Bombshell – Hold The Presses

It may seem that special counsel Robert Mueller did President Trump a favor when he publicly contradicted a BuzzFeed story claiming Trump directed his former attorney to perjure himself. But Mark Levin says hold the presses — Mueller wasn’t being altrustic.

Levin believes the media has missed a darker side to Mueller’s statement. He holds it was a tactical maneuver to protect himself while inflicting the most damage on Trump.

“They sat there all day long while this false reporting was going on, while the president was being smeared, while the reporters, so-called, and their friendly Democrats on Capitol Hill were saying this is an impeachable offense,” the “Life, Liberty & Levin” host said.

“They didn’t release this rare statement just because they’re good people,” Levin said of Mueller’s office. “They released it to cover their a**es because they don’t want a leak investigation.”

While Levin’s take on Mueller’s report may be unique, his harsh words regarding the media’s handling of the BuzzFeed story echo the frustrations expressed by many political commentators.

Levin accused the media of “yellow journalism” and called on the major news outlets to “clean house” and end their obsession with trying to destroy President Trump.

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