Mueller Bombshell Breaks… Dirty Cop Finally Caught

While being questioned on CSpan about the Russia collusion probe, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) revealed a little-known fact about special counsel Robert Mueller.

“Mueller should never have taken the job as special counsel,” Gohmert said — and then he explained why.

Mueller entered the Trump investigation with a major conflict of interest, which was that he’d just been denied the top FBI post by Trump.

“He was begging Trump to make him director of the FBI again,” Gohmert said.

“Trump refused to do that, and then within 24 hours later, he’s offered a chance to go after the guy that he was unhappy with for not hiring him as FBI director.”

Gohmert further criticized Mueller as an official who “wanted nothing but yes people around him” and “did more damage to the FBI than Hoover in his worst days.”

Watch the interview here.

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