BREAKING: Biden Diagnosis Shocks Nation – It’s Much Worse Than…

Joe Biden, what are we going to do with you?

His disapproval rating is now at a shockingly high 60% overall.

That’s across demographics, so you can’t just blame the angry racists that liberals try to say are responsible for voting conservative. Liberals are included in this tally as well.

People almost can’t believe the results of the last Rasmussen poll, which shows that just 36% of Americans overall approve of the job Joe Biden is doing.

That includes his own party. A party we now have proof to say is turning on him.

What’s REALLY shocking is that President Trump held a higher approval rating at this same point in his Presidency. That was with the media constantly working against him.

Biden’s rating comes with the media constantly covering FOR him.

Look at Hunter’s laptop and how long it took the mainstream media to admit the truth about that.

And Joe STILL can’t keep his head above water.

It’s sad, really.

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