Mitt Romney Concealed His Cancer Operation – Is He Hiding Something Else?

Mitt Romney recently made headlines by taking a savage swipe at President Trump – a treacherous move for a freshman Senator that instantly had pundits buzzing about a 2020 run for Mitt.

But an episode that was barely covered last year is worth noting here. A brief series of headlines revealed that Romney had secretly had an operation to remove his prostate due to cancer – an operation that was covered up for months.

Even after the operation was revealed, the media quickly moved on. There’s been almost no news from Romney’s camp, which is not necessarily sinister, but tells us two important things. 1) Romney is notoriously ambitious and if he is dealing with a recurrence, it’s not likely that he would announce it and 2) his motivations are often shrouded behind a veil of secrecy.

We wish Romney the best, and we hope he’s fully recovered. For now, his inexplicable lashing out at Trump remains a mystery. Stay tuned.

Read about the operation here.

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