BREAKING: Mitt Romney HUMILIATED – Nation Slams Fake Conservative

Mitt Romney is getting embarrassed again. This time though, it isn’t just here at home.

We’re talking on the world stage.

The entire country of Hungary is coming at Mitt Romney, a (fake) Republican from Utah, after Romney strongly criticized Tucker Carlson for visiting Hungary.

In his scathing review of Hungary, Romney referred to the country as “one of the least free, least democratic countries in the developed world.”

Obviously, the Hungarian government didn’t appreciate this. Led by their foreign minister, Péter Szijjártó, Hungary didn’t wait long to hit back.

“Mitt Romney has launched a brutal attack on media freedom and democracy,” Szijjártó said. “He judged an American television journalist because he expressed his opinion about Hungary, which did not coincide with the liberal mainstream’s lie against our country.”

It’s not surprising to see conservatives in other countries going after Mitt Romney. After all, even the conservatives in Mitt’s own country don’t like him very much.

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6 Responses

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  3. Mitt Romney is over and done. A pathetic excuse of a human being and lying S.O.B. Utah must throw this A-Hole aside and elect a real Conservative. Someone that will stand for Liberty, Independence, Freedom, and all of our Constitutional principles. Throw this piece of garbage in the trash pile!

  4. As a Utahn I have reached out to Romney many times and never get a satisfactory answer. Usually just a boiler plate letter. I have given him a long list of things that I am worried about that he is doing nothing to help.

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