Mitch McConnell Career Bombshell – It’s Bad

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), a staunch Trump ally, just received bad news. This is a career bombshell and it’s causing major concern for 2020.

According to a major report, a liberal group dedicated to defeating Sen. McConnell during a crucial presidential election year raised $1.1 million “during the second quarter” and has “more than $1 million cash on hand.”

It is called the Ditch Mitch Fund, and the group’s director, Ryan Aquilina, has sent a shot across the bow. “We are building something that Mitch McConnell has never faced before,” he said.

“We are building a grassroots movement strong enough, and early enough, to take on McConnell and win,” he continued. Aquilina also said that “grassroots donors like ours” will be there for McConnell’s opponent.

However, the Ditch Mitch Fund, while admittedly cute sounding in a desperate kind of way, is going to be throwing money out of the window. President Trump will easily win Kentucky and so will McConnell.

Regardless of who decides to run against the longtime Republican senator, he won’t have any trouble emerging victorious for another six-year term in the Senate. Democrats are delusional.

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