BREAKING: He Confirms He’s RESIGNING – US Military Stunned

Marine Lt. Colonel Stuart Scheller said on August 29 that he is willing to throw everything he has been fighting for over the last 17 years away in order to demand accountability for the atrocity happening in Afghanistan.

In Scheller’s original video, posted August 28, he said “I want to say this very strongly. I have been fighting for 17 years. I am willing to throw it all away to say to my senior leaders: ‘I demand accountability.'”

What exactly is he throwing away? Well, at 20 years of service, Scheller would be eligible for lifelong retirement and medical benefits.

Those things will probably be worth over a million dollars over the course of Sheller’s life. But he doesn’t care. He cares about what’s happening in Afghanistan.

Here’s his full statement:

I want to make the announcement today. After 17 years, I currently not pending legal action and I can stay in the Marine Corps for another three years, but I don’t think that’s the path I’m on. I’m resigning my commission as a United States Marine effective now. I’m sure there’s some [Marine Administrative Message] on how I’m supposed to do that and I’ll work through that. But I have forfeiting my retirement all entitlements. I don’t want a single dollar. I don’t want any money from the VA.

I don’t want any VA benefits. I’m sure I’m entitled to a hundred percent. I, you know, breathe on the smell and smoke of burning shit for years. I don’t want any of it. All I asked for was accountability of my senior leaders. When there are clear, obvious mistakes that were made, I’m not saying we can take back what has been done. All I asked for was accountability for people to comment on what I said and to say, ‘Yes, some mistakes were made and had they done that. I wouldn’t have gone back into rank and file, submitted and accomplished what I wanted the morning after I posted my video and I came into work, my boss came in and he asked me, ‘What were you trying to accomplish?’

And that was a very tough question for me. And my response was I want senior leaders to accept accountability. I think them accepting accountability would do more for service members and PTSD and struggling with purpose than any other transparent piece of paper or message. And I haven’t received that. For the over $2 million that I would potentially receive in retirement for the rest of my life, for the however much extra the disability would be, I think that money should go back to all the senior general officers, because I think they need it more than I do because when I am done with what I’m about to do, you all are going to need the jobs and the security.

I want to be clear that I love the Marine Corps. I think, you know, there’s been a fascination with special forces over the last 15 years, special forces people that come in in the middle of the night and they killed the biggest targets that the United States has. And I have much respect. I worked in [Marine Special Operations Command] for a year, but what I’ll say is the conventional Marine on the ground who has to smell burning shit. Who, when I was in Ramadi, I was exposed to it so much that burning shit actually smelt like bacon and eggs. And I grew to enjoy the smell. Those people who are there every day, don’t get to leave the next morning or in the middle of the night, who go outside the wire, get blown up, bring their Marine back and then go back out there the next day. They don’t get the credit they deserve and they deserve accountability. ….

You have no idea what I’m capable of doing. To all the congressmen, senators, every media station, across the globe, to all the rich philanthropists, I appreciate the support and I’m going to need your support. … I don’t need a single dollar. I just need every single person that’s willing to go back outside the wire every single day to wear a blue collar and just go into work every single day and feed their families, those are the people that I need. Follow me and we will bring the whole fucking system down. I am honorable. You can ask any Marine who served with me for 17 years. I dare you to ask them all and find out what I’m made of. We’re just getting started.

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  2. Lt Col Scheller I wish you success in whatever direction you take to bring about justice for those who lost their lives during this debacle directed by Joe Biden.

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  3. Lt. Colonel Scheller,
    Thank you for putting it all on the line to right the wrong that has been done in Afganistan.
    I am a 74 year old woman whose husband served in the air force in the late 60’s early 70’s. He was stationed in Thailand and flew into Vietnam to rescue those that were down.
    We both are appalled at the lack of respect for the military that this administration has. They are incompetent and need to be removed.
    Thank you for your service and what you are willing to give up to see that justice is done.

  4. This man has more honor and integrity than the whole “senior command” put together! Thank you sir for always thinking of others, and for continuing that path with this brave move. I pray that you will be able to continue this path and bring accountability to the leaders of this debacle! God bless you and thank you for your years of service!

  5. LTC Sheller I applaud you in your decision !!! I am a retired servicemember and cannot think of a time like this !!! Vietnam was bad, but, a lot of spineless politicians pulled their clout to dismantle Vietnam. Sorry to say that politicians have done the unspeakable again !!! These politicians don’t live in the trenches, get bullets over their heads, and the daily humdrum of military life !!! There are a few that still respect the US flag and the cost to have it flying – God bless you and the path you’ve chosen – I only hope others feel the same way !!!

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