Military Alert – The Islamic Republic of Iran Has Been…

A top Republican says President Donald Trump’s decision to spare Iran this time means it will be that much worse for Iran if Trump has to hit them in the future. Rep. Adam Kinzinger, (R-IL) told Fox News’ Ed Henry that he didn’t think Iran should count on Trump going easy on them if further provocations occurred.

“Going forward if they think the president is going to do the same thing, if they shoot anything else down, I think he’s going to and the pressure is going to be on him so much that there will be a response that last night will pale in comparison to,” Kinzinger told Henry.

Kinzinger said he disagreed with Trump’s decision to call off airstrikes against Iran 10 minutes before they were set to take place, but that he was surprised that Democrats weren’t pleased with the decision.

Citing previous comments that Trump was a “warmonger” and that he woudl get the U.S. into World War III, Kinzinger commented, “They should now be celebrating that he is not what they said he was, but they are not.”

“I just think there has to be a cost to the Iranians,” Kinzinger said.

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