BREAKING: Mike Pence Makes Shock Supreme Court Announcement – It’s OVER

Mike Pence’s group, a nonprofit called Advancing American Freedom (AAF), recently announced to the Supreme Court that is was requesting to file an amicus brief supporting multiple petitions that are challenging at least one of Biden’s vaccine mandates.

The mandate in particular that Pence and friends have such an issue with is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) mandate that is supposed to come into effect this week for private sector employers with 100+ employees.

The brief reads:

Through the separation of powers, the Framers of our Constitution tightly bounded the ability of the Executive Branch unilaterally to impose bodily mandates on American citizens, or to erect barriers to work, that were not clearly authorized by the peoples’ elected representatives in Congress. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) recently published Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS), issued November 4, 2021, ignores those limitations.

Mike Pence himself even spoke about the brief, saying that “America is about freedom and the ability to make the best decision for your family or business, and Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate must be stopped in its tracks in order to preserve freedom, protect American livelihoods and businesses, and to safeguard our Constitution. Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate is not the American way, and Advancing American Freedom will always stand up to unconstitutional overreach from the Executive Branch that infringes on the freedoms we so greatly cherish.”

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