Mike Pence Makes Historic Announcement

Things have changed in Washington DC. Where Obama and Biden rarely took a stand on anything that wasn’t politically convenient, Trump and Pence take principled positions whenever they believe it’s necessary to do so. That’s exactly what Vice President Pence just did with regard to the Iranian protests that have occurred over the last few days.

Pence tweeted out his support for the protesters while castigating the Obama administration’s shameful unwillingness to support the “heroic resistance” of the Iranian people. And he’s right on the mark.

Obama’s at-any-cost approach to making a deal with the Iranians prevented him or his administration from supporting the last round of protests. Iranians are attempting to throw off the theocracy that has caused so much economic and political strife in their country. At the very least, they deserve American support on the international stage. Pence knows this, and he’s following through on it. (Read More…)

Hoda Kotb replaces Matt Lauer on NBC’s Today Show

With Matt Lauer terminated for his disgraceful behavior at NBC, the network needed to fill the void on the Today show. Lauer was fired in November after multiple sexual assault and harassment allegations were made against him by former co-workers at NBC. His behavior was, frankly, gross. His replacement, thankfully, seems to be a far cry from Lauer.

Co-hosting with Savannah Guthrie will be Hoda Kotb, a correspondent who has had a lengthy presence at NBC. Kotb has said she’s very excited about her new opportunity, and surely for good reason. She is probably at least as excited about co-hosting the Today show as the rest of America is about not having to see Matt Lauer any longer. Things are only looking up from here. (Read More…)

Report: Staffers accuse MSNBC’s Chris Matthews of harassment, verbal abuse

If you thought the new year was going to be better than last year regarding sexual harassment and abuse, you were wrong. Unfortunately.

Chris Matthews is the latest known sexual harasser from the news media and entertainment industry.  His accusers are remaining anonymous due to concerns about blowback in their careers. Their accusations, however, are damning. In short, they say Matthews is a sexist who makes misogynistic and suggestive comments constantly. Apparently, the environment he created at MSNBC was unbearable.

I wish I could say these accusations are shocking, but they’re becoming too commonplace. The persistent condescension that Matthews shows to everyone with whom he disagrees makes this sort of behavior less surprising. (Read More…)

Congress is now officially investigating FBI’s possible attempt to topple Trump

It’s no longer a rumor; Congress is investigating the FBI’s unbelievable decision to “investigate” Donald Trump based upon an unfounded dossier. What reasonable person could blame Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee for kicking off an inquiry into this nonsense?

Let’s get this straight. The FBI and DOJ are full of Hillary supporters who used a politically-produced and funded dossier as the foundation for a year-long witch hunt into their political opponent. If that doesn’t merit a serious inquiry into the credibility of these agencies, then what on Earth could? Nothing. (Read More…)

Sen. Rand Paul: Time to stop sending U.S. money to Pakistan

In an odd turn of events, Rand Paul and Donald Trump have had a lot of agreement on foreign policy lately. Rand has been pushing a non-interventionist foreign policy for years in the tradition of his father, Ron Paul. Part of this is a hesitancy to provide foreign aid to other countries — particularly countries who actively work against the interests of the United States.

That’s exactly what’s happened recently with Pakistan. President Trump openly threatened to cut off American aid to Pakistan on Monday, and Rand was in full agreement. Pakistan’s intelligence agency, the ISI, while torturing the doctor who helped Americans track down and kill Bin Laden, told him that America was Pakistan’s greatest enemy. That was enough to set off Rand. Trump isn’t having it either.

Rand responded to Trump by tweeting: “I’ve been fighting to end aid to Pakistan for years and will again lead the charge in the Senate. Let’s make this happen.” Well said, Senator. (Read More…)

Feds confirm catastrophic flu outbreak is in at least 36 states – stay safe

Over thirty people have died already this year due to influenza; more than usual. The Center for Disease Control says a new strain that last year’s vaccine doesn’t kill is the culprit.

36 total states have flu activity at the moment with 21 having “high” and 5 having “moderate” activity. The rest, happily, remain low.  Still, at least 11 people under the age of 65 have died already. Everyone should stay safe and reduce their exposure as much as possible. It’s worth protecting our families if we can. Be careful out there. (Read More…)

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