Mike Pence Confirms The Rumors

Vice President Mike Pence is never one to mince words. He has shown that honesty and straight talk out of Washington is still possible, which is bad news for the Democrats.

This is no doubt true in this case as well. Pence has now confirmed the swirling political rumors that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi rejected President Trump’s offer to end the partial government shutdown “before the president gave his speech”.

Pence went on to conclude that all Democratic leadership has offered is “just soundbites” since taking power in the U.S. House of Representatives, therefore giving us more of the same.

Most Americans aren’t surprised by Pelosi’s games anymore — she can always be expected to join with the DC establishment to defeat President Trump’s good-faith efforts, no matter what’s on the table. In fact, Trump proposed extending the DACA program in exchange for funding for the border wall, but Democrats are more concerned with TV airtime.

RNC Spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany appeared on Fox & Friends after Democrats preemptively rejected Trump’s proposal, noting that Democrats have “offered nothing” despite Trump attempting to compromise on a deal multiple times. “What have the Democrats given?” she asked. “This shutdown is on them.”

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