Michelle Obama’s True Identity Revealed… So Nasty

Michelle Obama presents an everywoman persona, but lately, she’s been living like a one-percenter.

The Washington Examiner reports:

“Michelle Obama stayed at a ritzy mansion in Hollywood Hills this week known as the “shark house.” The 12,800-square-foot property, located on Swallow Drive near Sunset Strip with a sweeping view of Los Angeles, is on sale for $22.9 million.”

While being rich isn’t a crime, hypocrisy should be.

Michelle Obama is anything but a woman of the people; she is living a life most Americans can never come near. In fact, she’s living in multi-million dollar mansions while mingling with celebrities.

Deadline reports:

 “Michelle Obama isn’t running for any office but the former First Lady can sure draw a well heeled crowd that would be the envy of any politician, as was the case last night at Bryan Lourd’s place.”

Distinctly not a fundraiser, the intimate informational gathering of about 50 people at Lourd’s pad included Universal Filmed Entertainment Group boss Donna Langley, the newly divorced Mackenzie Bezos, long time Obama pal Bradley Cooper and the CAA co-chair’s daughter Billie.

Also in attendance were mega-producer Shonda Rhimes, director Spike Jonze, Edye Broad, Watchmen main man Damon Lindeoff, Warner Bros film exec Niija Kuykendall, and Kerry Washington. Filling out the CAA card, agency president Richard Lovett and managing partner Kevin Huvane were at the event too, along with producer Phil Rosenthal and venture capitalist Aviv Nevo.

Of course, a lot of those names are the same ones that we see when big ticket Democrats come out for a session at the Hollywood ATM.

Posing as an average person while living like the 1% is hypocritical – but it’s what a politician does. And that’s exactly what Michelle Obama is – a politician. It’s only a matter of time before she makes that explicit, by running for something.

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