Michelle Obama makes sickening claim on TV

Michelle Obama has a tendency to put her foot in her mouth. When Barack Obama was running for president in 2008, Michelle made the incredibly tone deaf remark that this was one of the first times she’d ever been proud of her country.

She just delivered an equally ridiculous message while on the Ellen Show, saying that “all the American people have left now is hope.”

While I don’t doubt that more Americans have hope now than under Obama, they’ve also got an extra six trillion dollars in created value from the stock market since Trump took office. The economy is doing incredibly well (200,000 jobs added in January). ISIS is all but destroyed. Americans have more money in their paychecks after the tax reform bill has been passed. Like it or not, Michelle, America is on the rise again. Yes, Americans have hope now; they also have results. (Read More…)

FISA Memo released: What it says and what it means

The long-awaited memo has been released! After weeks of hype, the Republicans in the House Intelligence Committee, headed by Devin Nunes (R-CA) have managed to go through the correct procedures and release the FISA memo.

According to the memo, the FISA warrant that the FBI sought was based on the discredited Steele dossier; the application for the warrant was signed by major FBI and DOJ figures including Comey and Rosenstein; they knew the dossier was created as opposition research funded by the Clinton campaign; Steele was at least temporarily funded by the FBI and Steele was adamant about Trump not becoming President. That’s an incriminating list of facts.

It looks pretty bad, and, as the memo notes, this isn’t everything. (Read More…)

Nonsense: Liberals speculate that Melania Trump has joined the anti-Trump ‘Resistance’

This is what mass delusion looks like. Liberals have made a habit of targeting Melania for completely ridiculous things like her outfit choice or Christmas display. The newest nonsense theory is this: Melania is part of the #resistance!

Why? Because during the State of the Union address she wore… pants. A pantsuit, to be precise. That and Melania arrived separately, deciding to sit next to some of the honored guests during Trump’s speech.

Melania is a former model and a very fashionable person and she’s going to wear a variety of outfits…who cares? And if she chooses to stay a little out of the limelight during the speech, why is that so surprising? Good for her for sitting with the heroes mentioned during the speech. Unlike the Democrats who wouldn’t stand and clap, she actually appreciates them. (Read More…)

Report: Megyn Kelly ‘banned’ from covering Royal Wedding in another career blow

The Megyn Kelly downward spiral picks up speed. NBC execs are upset with her for attacking Jane Fonda without their permission, and they’ve told her she can’t attend the Olympics in South Korea. Now they’re restricting her access to other major news events.

Kelly has reportedly been banned from covering the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and his American fiance, Megan Markle. It will undoubtedly be a major event in the United Kingdom and the United States, where English royalty has become a surprising point of interest in the last few decades.

Either way, Kelly will be missing out on the affair, and all of the publicity that goes with it. Leaving Fox News was a pretty terrible decision. (Read More…)

Sister of CNN host Don Lemon dies in accidental drowning

Genuinely tragic and shocking news here. CNN host Don Lemon has just lost a family member. His 58-year-old sister drowned this week while fishing at a pond in her home state of Louisiana. Police believe it was accidental and found no signs of foul play.

Don Lemon is not typically someone with whom I agree, particularly on political issues. None of that matters when tragedy strikes one’s family, however. I send my best wishes to his family and I pray that they will be able to cope and find strength in these terribly difficult times. (Read More…)

Judicial Watch director says FBI is threatening President Trump

Judicial Watch has played a major role in acquiring, analyzing, reporting, and releasing major pieces of intelligence. They’ve been using the freedom of information act to get at information that is otherwise hidden from public view, and they have garnered some incredible insight into FBI and DOJ misdeeds over the last few years.

Chris Farrell, the organization’s Director of Research and Intelligence, just made a shocking statement. He believes that the FBI essentially threatened Donald Trump when he said he was going to release the FISA memo.

They did so, Farrell believes, by intimidating the President into not releasing the memo by saying that it would expose important information while simultaneously saying it omitted important details and that it was inaccurate. Now that the memo is released, I’d like to see what section they can point to that was inappropriate to release. A quick tip for the FBI: just because it makes you look bad doesn’t mean it should be covered up. (Read More…)

Life changing mental trick: “Blame yourself first”

Those of you who read this newsletter regularly will notice that I’ve posted this story here for the last two days. I did so because I think it’s incredibly important that people generally, but young people in particular, understand how necessary it is to be accountable for their own choices and actions.

So much of my success in life stems from my acceptance of the fact that I have control over how I respond to hardship. When something doesn’t meet my expectations and I’m frustrated or disappointed, I think about what I could have changed and what I can do differently to create a better outcome in the future.

How do I do this? I blame myself first. This philosophy has changed my life, and I think it could do the same for you. (Read More…)

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