Michelle Obama 2020 Decision – I Was Afraid Of This…

According to a political insider, former First Lady Michelle Obama may not be finished with the spotlight just yet. A decision about 2020 could be right around the corner.

Former Trump campaign manager Steve Bannon — who went on to serve in the White House for a time —  dropped Michelle Obama’s name on Fox News as someone to watch. The reason: The current crop of Democratic candidates can’t win.

“I don’t see anybody on that stage right now that can take President Trump one on one,” said Bannon. He even said that Trump will “run the tables” on former Vice President Joe Biden before shifting to Mrs. Obama.

“I think you got to watch guys like Hillary Clinton, Bloomberg, Michelle Obama, a whole raft of potential that they should look at very closely,” said Bannon.

On a side note, it is interesting to see that Bannon thinks Hillary would have a better shot than all of the announced candidates so far — it shows just how weak the Democrats are in this political climate.

Bannon believes that Mrs. Obama or the others he mentioned may jump into the race because “the Democrats are going to be very focused on one thing” and that is “defeating Trump.”

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