Michelle Obama 2020 Announcement

There have long been quiet rumblings among the left that former first lady Michelle Obama might run for president, even as she has steadily dismissed such rumors and professed no interest in a political career.

Yet, in light of Obama earning the top honor in Gallup’s recent survey to determine the “Most Admired Woman of 2018,” the rumors of Obama running have sparked up once again.

Should she decided to do so, she most likely has a ready-made constituency waiting to support her, and would probably be capable of vaulting over all other Democratic competitors for the party’s nomination with ease based on name recognition and reputation alone.

Obama would also likely have the best chance of any prospective Democrat nominee of knocking President Donald Trump out of the White House. However, whether she ends up running or not, she’ll need to announce a decision in the near future.

You can read the full story right here.

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