Michael Avenatti’s Double Life Uncovered – Prosecutors Are…

Anti-Trump lawyer Michael Avenatti was recently arrested on charges that he tried to blackmail Nike into paying him over $20 million. But the problems don’t end for him here, and now his shocking double life has been exposed.

He’s an alleged tax cheat. According to federal prosecutors, he has millions of dollars in unpaid taxes on both his company and personal accounts. In fact, since 2010, $18 million ran through his bank account and hasn’t filed a personal return since then.

“Avenatti earned $1.9 million in personal income back in 2009, yet didn’t pay the $570,000 he owed in taxes. In 2010, he earned $1.2 million, yet again didn’t pay the supposed $282,000 tax bill to the IRS,” said a Fox News report.

His company, Avenatti & Associates, hasn’t filed tax returns and yet posted $38 million in deposits. All the while, Avenatti has been living in the lap of luxury, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on luxury items and rental properties.

IRS investigator Remoun Karlous said, “During these tax years, Avenatti generated substantial income and lived lavishly.” This sounds like the investigator’s nice way of saying that Avenatti has been cheating taxpayers while treating himself like a king.

Set to appear in court in April, Avenatti could end up spending the rest of his life behind bars if he’s convicted of extortion, wire and bank fraud, and chronic tax evasion.

Read the full story here.

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