Mexico Surrenders To Trump – I Knew This Would Happen

Whether it’s fighting for better trade deals or combatting illegal immigration, President Trump has taken a strong yet fair stance on Mexico’s policy towards us. Now the nation has surrendered to Trump on a major issue.

If Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is to be believed, he’s agreed to regulate the flow of immigrants from his country into the United States. This move comes shortly after Trump promised to close the southern border for a time if a change didn’t occur.

“Obviously, we have to help because Central American migrants pass through our territory and we have to bring order to this migration, make sure it’s legal,” Lopez Obrador said, clearly wanting to avoid a confrontation with the United States.

He continued: “That’s what we’re doing. But serenely, calmly, without a commotion and with great prudence and responsibility.”

We will see if the Mexican leader follows through on his word, however. The nation hasn’t honored its promises of the past, but it’s clear that Trump’s negotiations are paying off for us. He didn’t write ‘The Art of the Deal’ for nothing.

One day, perhaps liberals will wake up and realize that Trump was right all along about Mexico and a host of other issues. Until that magical day comes, however, we’ll have to be content with simply telling Democrats “I told you so!”

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