Mexico Drops Trump Bombshell – Dems Can’t Believe It

Mexico just dropped a stunning bombshell about President Trump. Democrats and the mainstream media are in total disbelief.

Mexico, in response to Trump’s action on trade, has lifted tariffs on major U.S. goods. Canada joined Mexico in the decision to remove the tax on staples such as steel, aluminum, whiskey, and beef.

Both nations acted shortly after Trump granted them an exemption from U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, two vitally important goods for their respective economies.

The United States, Canada, and Mexico are close to finalizing the details on an updated trade agreement and are seeking ratification. This proves, once again, that Trump knows exactly what he’s doing on trade.

Trump knew that tariffs could be used as leverage to negotiate a better trade agreement, one far more friendly to American workers and their families. He’s secured yet another win.

But the Democrats and the mainstream media will try to spin the scenario as Trump caving to Mexico and Canada. The truth will never be good enough for them — they’ll always refuse to give Trump his due credit.

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