Melania Trump Targeted – This Is Horrifying

First Lady Melania Trump is a class act and has served this nation with dignity since her husband was elected president. Now, however, she is being targeted in a horrifying way by radical liberals.

The conspiracy-fueled social media campaign, #FakeMelania, has resurfaced amid unfounded claims that she didn’t visit Alabama with President Trump to spend time with the tornado victims at all — it was a body double instead.

Twitter user @JoeVargas shared a video that allegedly ‘proves’ this conspiracy theory true. “This is not Melania. To think they would go this far & try & make us think its her on TV is mind blowing. Makes me wonder what else is a lie,” he said.

Another liberal, @TheRickyDavila, tweeted that “After seeing this clip over 20 times, I have to say, I wouldn’t be surprised if they used a Melania double. Fake Trash do things like that.”

Countless more left-wingers piled on, proving once again, that when it comes to the First Family, there is nothing they won’t believe in order to attempt to discredit and malign the Trumps. It has become a sickening display of partisanship.

First Lady Melania Trump’s communications director, Stephanie Grisham, said, “Once again, we find ourselves consumed with a ridiculous non-story when we could be talking about the work the first lady is doing on behalf of children, including the opioid crisis that is gripping our nation.”

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