Breaking: Melania Trump goes off, destroys her attackers on camera

This is so heartening to see. After taking shot after shot from the media, from Democrats, and from the sewer-dwellers on Twitter, she’s finally hitting back. And even now, she’s measured and smart.

Melania Trump just defended her anti-cyberbullying initiative while throwing a jab at her critics. She acknowledged that some people don’t think she’s the one to call awareness to cyberbullying, but that she won’t be deterred, and she’s not going to let her critics control what she does.

Good for Melania. People give her so much grief when all she’s trying to do is protect children from being bullied by their peers on social media. They really need to leave her alone. (Read More…)

Pennsylvania GOP leader decides not to run for Congress due to redistricting decision

If it seemed like the recent Supreme Court decision not to hear the Pennsylvania redistricting case wasn’t going to be a problem, here’s proof positive that it is. SCOTUS declined to hear a case from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court where the Court went far outside of its constitutional limits and redrew the state district lines.

That’s right, a state Supreme Court, full of Democrat-appointed judges, decided what how the state districts would be drawn… Rep. Dave Reed, who has been in Congress for 9 terms, has decided he won’t waste his time running this year because he knows he’ll lose. Pennsylvania Supreme Court judges should be ashamed of themselves, and frankly, so should the U.S. Supreme Court. (Read More…)

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters quits Fox News, says network is ‘propaganda machine’ for Trump

Fox News pundit and analyst, retired Army officer Ralph Peters is leaving the network. He sent an email to network executives resigning and saying that Fox News has become a “propaganda machine” for President Trump. I can’t say I’m sad to see him go.

Anyone who thinks that the only conservative-leaning news network, with about 50% pro-Trump coverage, is a propaganda machine isn’t really suited for the job. Fox News is all conservatives and Trump supporters have to counter the mountains of liberal bias that the rest of the mainstream media spews.  (Read More…)

WSJ publishes results of Stormy Daniels polygraph test

Stephanie Clifford, aka Stormy Daniels, took a polygraph test in which some of the allegations she’s made regarding President Trump were tested. And The Wall Street Journal published the results this week. When asked about her intimate relationship with Donald Trump, her answers were confirmed as true, but that’s not what was interesting.

Whether Trump actually offered her a spot on The Apprentice in exchange for that relationship, her “yes” response was not confirmed as true. It was, instead, “unclear.” Could this mean that her story isn’t entirely accurate?

We’ll have to wait and see. (Read More…)

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