Melania Trump Ends Speculation… Media Stunned

First Lady Melania Trump just ended the speculation, and the media is stunned. They never expected this to happen.

During her visit to the United Kingdom with President Trump and other members of the family, Mrs. Trump shut down the critics of her distinct style in a striking outfit that wowed everyone.

Mrs. Trump’s dressed from Dolce & Gabbana was classy enough, but even more attention was placed on her custom-made hat and the tribute it paid to a beloved British figure.

Our First Lady chose to honor the late Princess Diana, who, as the world knows, passed away in a tragic accident on August 31, 1997. The white hat made for Melania was made to look like one Diana once wore.

In fact, a video from 1991 shows just how similar Melania’s entire outfit was to one worn by Diana for a parade welcoming troops home from the Gulf War. The resemblance is striking.

Perhaps this time the media will report on our First Lady fairly, instead of making up reasons to needle her clothes, demeanor, or words. Let’s not hold our breath.

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