Nasty Melania rumor going viral – disgraceful

It’s incredible what people will come up with to slander Melania Trump. She’s been a target of leftists, the mainstream media, Michael Wolff’s nonsense book, and now gossip sites are going after her.

The newest rumor is that Melania is furious at President Trump — so much so that she’s joining the resistance. This is supposedly why Melania did not enter the room from the same direction as Trump for the State of the Union address.

Liberals also believe that the white pantsuit that Melania wore during the address was a symbolic representation of her commitment to the “resistance” movement. There’s a certain point at which these theories become more delusion than mere conspiracy, and I think we may have just arrived there. (Read More…)

Trey Gowdy: FISA warrant would not have been granted without the Steele dossier

Most the people who have been paying attention know this instinctively by now, but it’s nice to have everyone’s suspicions confirmed. Rep. Trey Gowdy put it simply; the FISA warrant that was used to spy on Trump campaign staffer Carter Page would not have been granted by a FISA Court judge without the infamous Steel Dossier.

So, let’s summarize this. President Trump was effectively spied on by the FBI because of an unfounded dossier which was compiled for the purpose of political opposition research.

And who funded the creation of this dossier? The Democrat National Convention and Hillary Clinton’s campaign. And the FBI wonders why it has a credibility problem. (Read More…)

Donald Trump Jr. slams media hypocrisy: ‘What if Bush had done this to Obama?’

Donald Trump Jr. posed a really great question: What if President Bush had gone after then-candidate Obama in the 2008 election, spied on him, and weaponized the FBI and DOJ against him?

There seems to be some double standard against President Trump because Leftists in America hate him so much. They believe he should have been spied on because, in the end, he’s guilty of something — so it’s just a matter of figuring out what that is and then prosecuting him legally or politically.

Going back to Trump Jr.’s question; the Democrats simply wouldn’t stand for it. The mainstream media would be in revolt, and they would most definitely be billing this as the sequel to Watergate. But the corrupt bargain was struck against Donald Trump, so it’s fine, apparently. (Read More…)

Newly discovered letter catches Pope Francis in alleged lie about abused children

This is really terrible news. Pope Francis may have completely ignored a letter sent to him detailing severe and systematic sexual abuse that took place in Chile. Francis has publicly stated that he has not been apprised of any sexual misconduct allegations during his tenure. But one victim says that he wrote a letter that was hand-delivered to the pope by the Commission for the Protection of Minors.

If the letter was indeed delivered, and the Pope did not act, that seriously damages his reputation and his credibility, and it does even more so for the Church as a whole. It’s this sort of behavior that may have eventually forced the previous pope, Benedict, to retire. The victim’s allegations are grotesque enough to begin with, but the cover-up makes it even worse. (Read More…)

Hillary Clinton says she gets overwhelmed by the news a dozen times per day

Why Hillary Clinton still feels the need to be a public figure is beyond me entirely. Most other failed politicians go quiet, at least for a while after their loss. In contrast, Hillary wrote a book, did a tour, posts on Twitter constantly, and even filmed a Grammy cameo video. And she keeps making missteps, like she did with the recent non-apology to the woman who was sexually harassed on her campaign staff years ago.

She’s still at it. At an event at Georgetown University recently, Hillary said that the news overwhelms her at least a dozen times per day. Well, that does make some sense. If honest news media outlets were exposing just how much of a criminal, fraud, huckster, and corrupt hack that I was on a daily basis, I’d probably find it overwhelming too.

Maybe Hillary does need a break from the news. The news certainly could use a break from her. (Read More…)

FBI was slow to investigate Dr. Nassar – so he sexually abused 40 more girls

As if the FBI’s reputation could get any worse. Recent reports indicate that the FBI dragged its feet when it recieved complaints against the now-disgraced Dr. Larry Nassar. Because of that delay he was able to abuse 40 additional girls. There were possible jurisdictional issues at play which added to the delay, but insiders say that the FBI had no sense of urgency in their investigation. Instead of wasting their time on fake politically-motivated investigations, the FBI needs to focus on real criminals.

Nassar is a disgusting person, and he should have been stopped as soon as the first complaint against him was made. The Bureau’s lack of urgency in investigating a monster like him is made more reprehensible by its energetic response to investigating an unverified political dossier. Get it together FBI, before Americans completely give up on you. (Read More…)

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