Melania Marriage Shocker… This Is Devastating

A marriage shocker about First Lady Melania Trump just dropped. The liberal media is at it again, and now they’ve gone too far. This is devastating.

Jimmy Kimmel, host of Jimmy Kimmel Live! on ABC, lashed out at the First Lady — attacking her and her marriage to President Donald Trump. A video of his relentless mocking is making its way around social media.

“Meanwhile, as her husband tries to dig up dirt on his opponents, the first lady is building a tennis pavilion on the White House lawn—for real,” said Kimmel. “As if they’re going to be there to enjoy it.”

“There she is, breaking ground in her most rugged pair of construction stilettos. She’s definitely digging an escape tunnel, right? That’s either an escape tunnel or a shallow grave,” continued Kimmell, disparaging the Trump’s marriage.

But this is typical behavior for Kimmel. Ever since Donald Trump was elected — defeating Kimmel’s choice in the race, Hillary Clinton — he has done nothing but engage in anti-Trump theatrics.

This was just another example of his nastiness, but it’s even more distasteful when he goes after the First Lady. Kimmel appears obsessed not only with her, but also with her marriage. Liberals like Kimmel, while feigning ‘tolerance,’ are the least tolerant of all.

See the full story here.

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