Melania And Trump Confirm Rumors – Marriage Announcement

A major marriage announcement just made the news. President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump have confirmed the rumors.

Contrary to the lies being spread by anti-Trump liberals, the marriage between the First Couple strong. In a statement, President Trump praised his wife’s hard work and accomplishments.

While attending the Ford’s Theatre Annual Gala and addressing the crowd, Trump said, “I want to thank all of the chairs of the gala, including your honorary co-chair, America’s beloved First Lady.”

He continued: “Oh, I’d love to have her poll numbers. How do I get her poll numbers? And they do love you.”

To a room of applause, Trump motioned to the First Lady at this time who was clearly happy with the time he took to publicly recognize her. It was a sweet moment.

Liberals trying to spell doom on this marriage have no evidence to back up their assertions — they just want the First Couple to fail so they have political canon fodder for 2020.

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