Breaking: Megyn Kelly’s Worst Nightmare is Coming True…

NBC is heavily invested in Megyn Kelly, but her poor performance is backing them into a corner. It’s gotten so bad that some observers expect the network to pull the plug — and soon.

Her show is cringe-worthy, her staff is disaffected and worst of all, her ratings are falling. It takes a special kind of talent to destroy The Today Show, one of the most successful franchises in television history.

Kelly is getting $23 million a year to run her network into the ground. If I didn’t dislike NBC so much, I’d almost feel sorry for them. (Read More…) 

Fox News host Laura Ingraham loses advertisers after criticizing David Hogg

This story sums up what’s wrong with modern politics. Fox star Laura Ingraham tweeted something mean about David Hogg, the 17-year-old anti-gun campaigner. In response, Hogg posted a list of Ingraham’s top 15 advertisers and asked his Twitter followers to mount a campaign to get them to drop Ingraham’s show, potentially forcing her off the air.

Two things. First, targeting a 17-year-old isn’t a good strategy — in fact, it’s exactly what the media and Hogg want. He’s feeding off the attention generated by criticism, and most Americans will cut him a lot of slack because of his age and “mass shooting survivor” status.

Second, Hogg’s response is legitimately scary. In response to a mild jab from Ingraham, he immediately tried to silence her show and get her kicked off of national TV. That strategy of viciously smothering the opposing view is now mainstream on the left. Maybe Hogg is too young to know better, but his exploiters and enablers in the media aren’t. Frankly, it’s a disgrace.

Rep. Devin Nunes: The left’s calls to impeach Trump have ‘boomeranged’ on them

Devin Nunes has been doing some solid work in the House Intelligence Committee this past year. Now he’s stepping back and looking at the big picture.

When Democrats, shocked and angry after the November 2016 election, immediately went into “Investigate and Impeach” mode, they couldn’t have predicted that the whole thing would backfire. It’s been a series of embarrassing disasters, from the total implosion of the FBI’s reputation to the revelation of blatant miscarriages of justice in the Hillary email investigation.

Nunes told Hannity that the left’s hysterical calls for an investigation have “boomeranged on them.” It’s in no small part thanks to his fine work on the intelligence committee. Well done, Congressman.

John McCain to share ‘no-holds-barred’ opinion of Trump presidency in new memoir

Another Trump hater is trying to cash in. John McCain is releasing a new book and his publisher is hinting that he “holds nothing back” in the memoir.

Do we really need another anti-Trump diatribe from a politician who can’t let go of the spotlight? I appreciate everything John McCain did for his country, but I’d appreciate it more if he would turn his attention to the real enemies of America — the liberal media. As it is, it looks like he’s trying to win their approval.

A word of advice for Sen. McCain: if the media loves you, you’re doing it wrong.

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