Breaking: Megyn Kelly makes shock Trump announcement

Here’s a tip for any struggling news or entertainment personalities — your bad decisions and lack of success can’t be repaired by laziness, sensationalism, and lies. Megyn Kelly needs to learn this… quickly.

Kelly recently interviewed Russian President Vladimir Putin, and in a teaser for the interview, she makes the claim that President Trump lied about something important and Putin exposed that lie. But Kelly never substantiated her claim.

Wanting to win some ratings, Kelly decided to lie about the content of her interview and make it seem as though Putin confirmed part of the now absurd Trump-Russia narrative. The interview did the exact opposite of that. She’s a hack and a failure, and she needs to get off of television. (Read More…)

Number of employed Americans sets all-time record under Trump

Trump’s economic record is on fire. The market has been in a perpetual climb, billions of dollars were repatriated to the states after tax reform was passed, Americans have more money in their pockets, and now this — employment numbers are through the roof.

In just over a year, Trump has managed to set employment records a staggering 8 times.

Two major demographics in this increase are black Americans and women, who have seen amazing increases. Despite all the Democrat and media rhetoric about how Trump is some sort of racist and misogynist, he’s doing a heck of a lot for the people they claim he hates. He’ll keep winning and they’ll keep whining. (Read More…)

21 people injured after ex-Russian spy poisoned in UK

It seems the Cold War may never have ended, and it’s steadily starting to heat up. Megyn Kelly may be interviewing Vladimir Putin as though he’s a normal politician, but then we see events like this.

In England, a former Russian spy was attacked with a nerve gas agent. Clearly, this was some sort of assassination attempt against someone who flipped on the Russians years ago. And the attack ended up involving 21 people who were hospitalized for testing. This is a pretty scary situation if would-be assassins have no problem using chemical warfare in public places. The Brits need to strike back hard.  (Read More…)

Donald Trump appears ready to finalize a deal with North Korea

All we hear about Trump from liberal media outlets is that his tweets are terrible, he’s a loose cannon, he’s dangerous. Best of all, they say he’s going to lead us into a nuclear war with North Korea. As usual, they were wrong.

Trump has actually forced diplomatic moves between North and South Korea that haven’t been made for decades. And now Kim Jong Un has agreed to sit down with the Trump administration with absolutely no preconditions and with the U.S. having made no concessions. Now he’s even saying that there’s an actual deal in the works with North Koreans.

What were you saying again liberals? Yeah, thought so. (Read More…)

75 charged in massive drug cartel bust

While top FBI and DOJ officials are busy exonerating Crooked Hillary and undermining Donald Trump, the rank-and-file people are often doing good work. For instance, federal prosecutors in California announced Thursday that 75 people across the country have been arrested and charged in a massive sting.

The multi-year operation involved stopping drug dealers and money launderers. They removed guns, drugs, and cash from the streets making our entire country safer. Right here, FBI. This is what we want to see our law enforcement doing. We want criminals in prison. And while you’re at it, go ahead and lock Hillary up too.  (Read More…)

Russian state media warns ‘traitors’ not to move to UK

The chemical assassination attack against the former Russian spy discussed above is under investigation right now, with the intent to determine who committed the attack and why. But everyone knows who it was – the Russians.

Just in case we had any doubts, state-run Russian media is making it crystal clear. A message was sent out on Russian television warning defectors against moving to England due to an unusual number of “strange incidents” involving Russian “traitors.” This isn’t looking good. We’ll have to see if the Britts still have the courage to respond with strength. (Read More…)

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