Megyn Kelly is in big trouble

Let’s do a quick breakdown of Megyn Kelly’s career. Her presence and influence grew at Fox News, where she had her own show and was very successful for years. Then she decided to place her bets against Donald Trump in the Republican primaries and the General Election, to the frustration of many conservatives. Finally, Kelly decided to leave Fox News for a lucrative contract with NBC, where she began her morning show in September of 2016.

Recently she did what she’s done so many times in recent years: damage her career. She upset Jane Fonda in an interview, and before checking with NBC execs to see how she should respond, she went for Jane’s throat. Now, those executives have blasted her, and she could be in serious trouble.

This is why Kelly shouldn’t have left Fox – her media marketing instincts are just… off. (Read More…)

Report: Obama is complicit in the Clinton email scandal

The “Russian collusion” scandal was really just a massive diversion from thisHillary Clinton’s criminal mishandling of classified information with her unsecured email server was the actual story.

Fortunately for her, the FBI figured out that not only would the investigation into Clinton’s server drag her down and damage her presidential chances, but it would also implicate former-President Obama. How? Because Obama knew that she was using personal email, and sent classified information to her anyway.

Hillary is clearly still the person who deserves the most blame here, but Obama may well have been at least partly responsible for the coverup. Whatever the case may be, Comey ended up falling in line with the help of agents Strzok and Page who stacked the deck against Trump. Now that’s a scandal. (Read More…)

Over 100 killed, 235 wounded in ‘ambulance bomb’ attack in Afghan capital

This is horrifying and disgusting. Taliban militants in Kabul, Afghanistan used an ambulance to detonate a bomb in a crowded area. The detonation killed over 100 people, and at least 235 others were wounded. This comes just after 20 people were killed last week when the Taliban attacked an international hotel in Kabul.

The Taliban explicitly said their attack was a message to President Trump — who has increased the number of American troops on the ground in Afghanistan in the last year.

Afghan authorities have partially blamed Pakistan for harboring and supporting terrorist elements in their country. This is why President Trump cut off aid to Pakistan just over a month ago. It’s time to give these terrorists the “ISIS treatment.” (Read More…)

Widow of man killed in shootout with FBI agents alleges that it was an ‘assassination style’ attack

On January of 2016, Robert LaVoy Finicum was slain by the FBI while escorting Ryan Bundy and other leaders of the standoff over land use rights in Oregon. His wife, who has filed a wrongful death suit against the Federal government, claims that her husband was “deliberately executed by a pre-planned government ambush.” The violent attack was caught on video, so any viewer can determine for themselves what they believe happened.

The police and FBI say that LaVoy reached for his gun after exiting his vehicle when he approached a roadblock that was set up by the authorities. As the vehicle neared the roadblock, police opened fire on it, and LaVoy then exited saying “Go ahead and shoot me!”

It’s difficult to know what happens in these highly-charged encounters, but hopefully, the trial will shed some light on the incident. (Read More…)

Bill Maher publicly bashes the Trump family by mocking Donald and Melania’s marriage

Bill Maher has absolutely no class. He went from questioning the Bill Clinton decision to launch missiles against terrorists from a submarine to becoming a complete shill for the Democrat Party. If anyone considered his initial inquiries to be courageous, he’s certainly lost it in the years since. Now, he’s going after Donald and Melania’s marriage.

He compared Melania to a holocaust survivor and intimated that Melania wants Donald to die and was upset at his positive bill of health a few weeks back.

Melania didn’t go to Davos with Donald, according to Maher, because Trump was engaged in extra-marital affairs, which is entirely groundless. Trump has had his share of marital issues, but is that any reason to attack Melania?

This woman can’t get a break, the entire mainstream media and the punditry attack her for everything she does. What a pathetic set of attacks from a sad group of people. (Read More…)

Donald Trump reveals why he offered the DACA deal: To expose the Democrats

First, the government shutdown did nothing but make Democrats look terrible, and then Trump offered a conciliatory option to them when the shutdown ended. What happened? Democrats obviously didn’t take it.

President Trump said that this series of events was essentially by design and that he used the offer to expose Democrats for exactly what they are: obstructionists. They won’t go along with any policy proposed by President Trump, and that’s just all there is to it.

This is exactly what Democrats used to say about Republicans under former-President Obama, but there’s one major difference: Obama almost never proposed any major pieces of legislation that incorporated Republican proposals. So when conservatives in Congress fought against his agenda, they were doing so to prevent terrible policies, increases in the debt and deficit, and foreign policy blunders.

Consistency has never been a strong suit for the Democrats, but the recent transition from complaining about Congressional gridlock to full on obstructionism has been jarring to say the least. (Read More…)

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