BREAKING: Jen Psaki Is DONE – Media Stunned…

Jen Psaki came on Fox News trying to clean up Joe Biden’s mess. By the time she left, America was just a little more confused.

According to Psaki, Biden never claimed that any election would be illegitimate in 2022 during his plea for the Senate to pass a “voting rights” bill. The problem is though, it sure seemed to a lot of America like that is exactly what Biden had said.

Psaki disagreed.

“I’ve talked to the president a lot about this. He absolutely is not predicting that the 2022 elections would be illegitimate. The point he was raising was both that in 2020, even amongst challenging circumstances, efforts to suppress the vote and in the midst of a pandemic, there was record turnout — Democrats and Republicans, record turnout to go to the polls.”

She made sure to conclude by taking shots at Donald Trump.

“And the point he was making is that the former president asked a number of states, seven or more, in fact, to overturn the outcome of the election. Now, obviously, if there’s an effort to do that, we’ve got to fight against that. That’s what our commitment is to doing. But he was not making a prediction. He has confidence in the American people. And we’re going to do everything we can to protect people’s rights.”

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