A Democrat state lawmaker said he will enter treatment for an addiction after police arested him for dropping an envelope containing cocaine at Austin’s airport in September. Rep. Alfonso ‘Poncho’ Nevárez, 47, admitted to dropping the envelope after police tested his DNA and it matched saliva from the envelope.

Nevarez had announced earlier this month that he would not seek re-election, but didn’t say why at the time. He did not say whether he would resign his position before the end of his term in 2021.

The lawmaker said he didn’t have anyone to blame “but himself” and that treatment would help him get better.

“In a weird way I am grateful. Grief and addiction were consuming me, but oddly enough, I feel better now than I have in a long time, and I mean that,” Nevárez said.

The Texas Democratic Party said in a statement, “Addiction is a serious issue and its important for people to access the help they need moving forward. Rep. Nevárez is taking responsibility and seeking the help he needs. We wish the best to him and his family during his recovery.”

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