McConnell SOUNDS THE ALARM – White House Panics

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) just sounded the alarm. The White House can’t believe this is happening — Democrats will stop at nothing to control their anti-Trump narrative.

Speaking from the Senate floor, McConnell skewered Twitter for banning all political advertising from its social media network. He said the company is now “picking winners and losers in the competition of ideas.”

McConnell did not hold back, accusing Twitter of setting up “an enormous double standard that would just amplify the already privileged speakers.” He couldn’t be more right in his analysis.

Twitter, which is already overrun with far-left agitators — many of whom call themselves “journalists” — is about to become even more one-sided. McConnell isn’t having any of this hypocrisy.

He noted that Twitter would have to “ban opinion journalists and the press from advertising their own work” in order to be consistent. Of course, we all know the company and its liberal CEO would not make such a move.

In the end, McConnell said, Twitter’s decision to ban political advertising will “just amplify the already privileged speakers who already possess multimillion-dollar platforms,” while “denying the same tools to fledgling speakers who are not already famous.”

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