John McCain’s Plot To Take Down Trump Revealed

The infamous Trump Dossier is at the core of the collusion investigation that began all the way back during the 2016 presidential election. The most salacious details in the dossier have been discredited, and the rest is currently unsubstantiated. It’s curious then, that recent revelations by an alleged associate of Sen. John McCain show that he was involved in disseminating the dossier.

Andrew Wood claims that he was the go-between for McCain and the author of the dossier, British agent Christopher Steele. Steel approached Wood and asked him to make Sen. McCain aware of the document, which he says he did. McCain also had a staffer receive a briefing by Steele, and asked for copies of the dossier, one of which the senator provided to the FBI.

As a presidential candidate and GOP standardbearer, Donald Trump succeeded where John McCain failed. Now, McCain seems to have a personal grudge against Trump, and it’s clouded his judgment and sullied his legacy. It’s time for McCain to retire before he does any more damage. (Read More…)

Trump tells crowd: ‘America doesn’t worship government, we worship God’

President Trump’s successful campaign last year was due in part to his addressing the concerns of average Americans across the country. He understood that many Americans see their country changing for the worse because of political correctness and disdain for traditional values. And he knows how to reverse those trends.

At a rally in Pensacola, Florida, Trump recently pronounced: Americans don’t ‘worship government, we worship God.’ He put his finger directly on the pulse of traditional America. Americans have a long history of skepticism of government, and an even stronger tradition of love for God and their families. Trump gets that, and that’s why he’s president. (Read More…)

Megyn Kelly uses her show as a platform for Trump’s sex accusers

Since leaving Fox News, Megyn Kelly has managed to insert herself into quite a few controversies. On NBC’s Today, Kelly invited three of President Trump’s sexual harassment accusers to discuss their allegations. One of the accusers claimed Trump groped her and tried to kiss her.

The White House has denied all of the accusations, a sentiment that Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders confirmed this Monday. Nikki Haley, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, said that the accusers deserve to be heard, demonstrating some of the tension within the administration. Fox News star Laura Ingraham, on the other hand, implied that Kelly is exploiting the situation for ratings on her ‘struggling morning show.’ You be the judge. (Read More…)

Obama releases message begging people to sign up for Obamacare

President Obama’s legacy is really taking a beating. The economy during his tenure was terrible, a marked contrast to Trump’s first year. And part of Obamacare is being threatened by the tax reform effort that Trump has helped usher through Congress. Now, Obama’s on Twitter instructing people to ‘spread the word’ and make sure to take their last opportunity to ‘sign up for affordable healthcare.’

Many Americans actually lost their health care under Obama’s plan, and Medicaid expanded drastically, costing most taxpayers more in the long run. Worse, they received the same or less-extensive coverage for a higher price. And we all remember that those who wanted to keep their insurance didn’t actually get to do so. Obama should keep quiet about healthcare; he’s done enough damage already. (Read More…)

Donald Trump: Democrats want to protect illegals and ignore Americans

Everyone knows President Trump has been tough on illegal immigration. A major component of his campaign platform was curbing illegal crossings, building the wall, and preventing potential radicals and criminals from entering the country. Democrats have attempted to impede his immigration agenda at every turn. Part of their strategy has been to use district and circuit court judges to persistently attempt to delay his policies, only to be overturned by the Supreme Court.

Trump believes that Democrats value the “rights of illegals” more than they value the lives of their fellow citizens. The objection to a temporary immigration and travel ban from at-risk countries seems to be more ideological than practical.

After the recent jury decision to acquit the frequently deported illegal immigrant who killed Kate Steinle, Trump is fed up. During his weekly address, he said “No American should be separated from their loved ones because of preventable crime committed by those illegally in our country.” It’s tough to disagree with him. (Read More…)

NYC bomber slipped into America via broken immigration system

Twice within the last few months, New York has experienced a terrorist attack conducted by an immigrant that came through the same program. That is the Obama-era lottery program that permits immigrants and their families to enter from a variety of different countries; Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Iran, Libya, and Saudi Arabia, to name only some of the most concerning.

This time, at least, the terrorist involved didn’t manage to kill anyone, but the previous attacker killed 8 and wounded 11 with his truck. How much more blood needs to be spilled before changes are made to our immigration system? What purpose could a lottery possibly serve that outweighs the lives of Americans who already live here? (Read More…)

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