McCain Family Tragedy – Deadly Accident Confirmed…

A deadly accident was just confirmed by the McCain family. This is a tragic turn of events, and the news is spreading nationwide.

Former Senator John McCain’s trusty dog, Burma, died last month after getting caught in a pipe on their property in Arizona. Burma had stayed by McCain’s side as he battled brain cancer in 2018.

Burma, a Chesapeake Bay retriever, was a loyal pet and treated as a member of the family. McCain’s widow revealed why this accident was so shocking.

Cindy McCain told the local newspaper that Burma “had never done this before,” referring to the dog getting trapped in a pipe. It wasn’t normal behavior for the dog at all.

“You know, we have a series of ponds on our property … and she ran into the pipe and she got stuck. She drowned, and eventually, her body came out the other end of the pipe,” she continued.

On Instagram, Sen. McCain’s daughter, Meghan, wrote a heartbreaking tribute to their late pet.  “I love you Burma and hope you’re in heaven jumping into creeks, chasing sticks and fish with Dad,” she said.

Read the full story here.

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