McCain Family Back To Attacking Republicans

John McCain was both an American hero and a flawed politician. Apparently, his family members are following his lead in politics, but without the heroism.

Members of McCain’s family, including his daughter Meghan, are attacking Martha McSally, a rising Republican star in Arizona politics. McSally is being considered for a Senate appointment by Arizona’s governor, to fill John McCain’s Senate seat.

McSally is conservative, articulate, and a strong candidate with experience. She’s also a retired air force colonel, and the first American woman to fly in combat.

But apparently, the McCain’s don’t like her. That should count for next to nothing, especially after they’ve made it abundantly clear that they don’t have the best interests of the GOP in mind. We’ll see if Arizona’s governor has the courage to tell the McCain’s to mind their own business.

Read the full story here.

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