BREAKING: Video Proves Maxine Waters Is GUILTY – Nation Shocked

No joke, Maxine Waters claimed it was WORSE than slavery.

What was she talking about, you may wonder?

Illegal immigrants coming into our country, of course.

But she’s lying, of course she is. To continue the left’s strategy of letting in as many immigrants as possible in the hope they’ll vote blue, the propaganda HAS to be kept up.

The propaganda that says police and border patrol are always evil, and whomever is most likely to vote liberal is always correct.

Here’s the incident in question that Maxine Waters calls “worse than slavery.”

These are border patrol agents doing their jobs. Not slave owners.

Rational Americans don’t need to be told the difference, Maxine.

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4 Responses

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  3. If she is a democrat, she is a liar. It is in their DNA to lie all the time. She is the worst. Who keeps voting for her? Probably no one, but the dems will make sure she gets in.

  4. Maxine Waters is about as useful as used toiled paper!!! But at lease you can get ride of toilet paper & it doesn’t lie or hate or incite riots or violence!

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