Bombshell: Shock Maxine Waters video resurfaces, ends her career

Sometimes I have to sit back and reflect on just how ridiculous it is that some people are still in Congress. Rep. Maxine Waters, the infamous California Democrat, is exactly one of those people.

In a recently resurfaced video, Maxine Waters and other members of the Black Caucus can be seen embracing and speaking with the notorious racist, anti-semite Louis Farrakhan.

The mainstream media has blown a gasket about the alt-right, but they can’t seem to give any time to the Nation of Islam racists who consort with Democrats all the time. It’s sickening just how biased they are. (Read More…)

Key Mueller witness flees country after being accused of sex crimes

George Nader is a Middle East policy advisor who was allegedly close to Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner during the Trump campaign. Special Counsel Mueller has been using Nader as a key special witness in his investigation into Russian intervention and collusion. But just a few days ago, Nader fled the country, probably due to charges of pedophilia.

Nader, rightly ashamed of his abhorrent crimes, fled the country and went to the United Arab Emirates. This poses an obvious problem for the Mueller investigation, but it’s unclear if they’ll be able to get Nader back into American custody. No matter the outcome, I’m glad that disgusting criminal is out of the country. (Read More…)

Meghan McCain defends Melania Trump against attackers who say she’s a hypocrite

I’m always happy to see Republicans stick up for each other, even when they’re very different in their politics. Meghan McCain, a co-host on The View, defended Melania Trump’s commitment to the anti-cyberbullying initiative the first lady has been pushing.

Melania’s caught flak because liberals accuse the president of doing what she’s out to prevent. This isn’t true, and they’re ridiculous. Meghan said that it doesn’t matter anyway because husbands and wives shouldn’t be responsible for everything the other partner does.

McCain is right, but I don’t expect most liberals to wise up. (Read More…)

Rick Saccone concedes congressional race to Democrat Conor Lamb

Pennsylvania’s 18th District special election is over. It was an incredibly close race, with only about 750 votes separating the two, but the Republican, Rick Saccone was defeated. Many people including President Trump, believe Connor Lamb, Saccone’s opposition, won because of his conservative platform.

Despite being a Democrat, Lamb’s platform was virtually indistinguishable from his Republican counterpart on most issues. Even though Lamb may have touted Republican policies, it’s likely that he won’t fulfill his platform in Washington and that’s bad for all Republicans.

Americans need to prevent a Democrat win during the midterms later this year or our country will be in serious trouble. (Read More…)

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