Maxine Waters’ Criminal Bombshell – She’s Done

Rep. Maxine Waters doesn’t know when to stop. She makes a laughingstock of herself on a regular basis, and she isn’t self-aware enough to realize it. But what she just did is a new low, even for a radical Democrat like her.

Waters said President Trump “is an expert criminal who knows how to do everything possible to protect himself,” an accusation that isn’t merely misinformed. It is a blatant lie meant to keep her party’s liberal base frothing at the mouth.

She delivered her remarks on MSNBC, one of the few networks that will still allow her to appear on a regular basis. Waters attempted to justify her position by spouting endless nonsense straight out of the Democratic Party’s talking points.

Waters ranted about Trump’s tax returns for the millionth time, saying that “everybody expects that the president of the United States would follow suit, and he would release his returns.”

She continued: “He’s lied. He said that they’re under audit. He never intended to release them. He is not going to release them until we make him, until we force him to do it.”

Outdoing even herself, Waters then spun a conspiracy theory about how Trump “thinks he owns enough votes in the Supreme Court in order to be protected.” It is at this point she called him an “expert criminal” without any proof whatsoever.

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