Maxine Waters Criminal Announcement… Goodbye

A criminal announcement just dropped about Congresswoman Maxine Waters. It could be the for this anti-Trump politician.

An investigative journalist with Open Secrets DC browed through Waters’ campaign filings and found more controversial mismanagement of money, with huge payments going to her own daughter.

Q1 FEC filings show Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ campaign paying a whopping $183,022.15 to Maxine Waters’ daughter,” journalist Anna Massoglia tweeted.

She continued by saying Water’s daughter “has controversially racked up hundreds of thousands from her mother’s campaign—in the first months of 2019 alone, reportedly for a ‘slate mailer management fee.'”

The question is whether this “management fee,” which hasn’t been the first one, is a legitimate payment or merely an excuse to funnel thousands of dollars to a direct relative.

Waters’ constituents should be demanding that she come clean about these campaign contributions. She can’t hide her corruption anymore.

Read the full story here.

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