Maxine Waters Caught On Hot Mic – She Should Be Impeached

Congresswoman Maxine Waters needs no introduction and deserves even less attention, but what she just did should have every American calling for her impeachment.

At a rally organized by, the socialist front group back by George Soros, Waters threw red meat to the far-left crowd and declared “those people who want the wall are not patriots! They’re not people who love this country!”

Waters spoke in Los Angeles at one of 260 rallies being held nationwide to protest against President Trump’s national emergency declaration, which he is using to obtain much-needed funding to address the crisis at our southern border.

She even bashed Trump for “trying to keep a campaign promise to all of those people that he swore to that he would build a wall.” Imagine that — a president following through on his word after the election ends.

“They’re not people who stand up for what’s right, Waters said, continuing to vilify fellow Americans. “We’ve got to resist this president and this so-called fake emergency.”

It is easy for Waters to call the influx of illegal drugs, human trafficking, and violence from gangs like MS-13 a ‘fake emergency’ when she lives in an expensive home outside of her congressional district. She’s always been a hypocrite.

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