Maxine Waters Caught At D.C. Airport – We Got Her

Rep. Maxine Waters was just caught at Reagan National Airport in Washington, DC. She somehow managed to outdo even herself this time, and she was exposed before hundreds of American travelers.

According to reports, as Rep. Waters left the airport and headed towards a taxi, she rudely cut in front of a line of about 100 people. Apparently, the 80-year-old Democrat and committee chair doesn’t have a courteous bone in her entire body.

Waters’ press office was asked to explain why she thought it was acceptable to skip the taxi line, however, a response was not provided by the deadline. Furthermore, she cannot use age as an excuse because she’s an able-bodied person.

Ultimately, disregard for others and off-the-wall behavior is standard for Waters. Since Trump was elected president, she’s entertained every conspiracy theory in the book in an attempt to discredit him. But Trump isn’t phased by her one bit.

“Crazy Maxine Waters, said by some to be one of the most corrupt people in politics, is rapidly becoming, together with Nancy Pelosi, the FACE of the Democrat Party,” Trump once tweeted.

He continued: “Her ranting and raving, even referring to herself as a wounded animal, will make people flee the Democrats!”  Trump is right, of course. Voters are jumping ship from the crazy party of Waters, Pelosi, Ocasio-Cortez, and Sanders.

Read the full story here.

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