Mattis Says ‘NO’ To Offer – Democrats Are Fuming…

Former Secretary of Defense James Mattis just said ‘no’ to an enticing offer. The Democrats are fuming — Mattis refused to take the bait. This is true integrity.

During an interview with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, she repeatedly teed up opportunities for Mattis to attack President Trump. He rejected her each time. “Andrea, I’m going to frustrate you here,” he eventually said.

Mattis noted that he is only interested in talking about military policy and strategy. “This is a military, Department of Defense tradition, that we maintain the military’s apolitical role obedient to the elected leadership,” he remarked.

Mattis also noted that he believes “the American people have good judgment,” and ultimately the political decisions are up to them. “They will make the right decisions. I believe very strongly in our Constitution and our form of government,” he said.

The former Secretary of State knocked Mitchell on her heels throughout the interview. She wanted him to criticize Trump about withdrawing from Afghanistan; he refused. She asked if American alliances were weaker now, and he deflected.

“I don’t think I can quantify that,” he said. “NATO is actually stronger today. “Now, there are political tensions. Those tensions have always been there in NATO.” Mattis showed his sterling character and gave Mitchell nowhere to go.

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