James Mattis releases chilling warning to his enemies

Is anyone in the Trump administration as awe-inspiring and downright American as Gen. James Mattis? No, not even close. Mattis worked his way up through the Marine Corps, then into military command, and was appointed by President Trump as the Secretary of Defense last year. For decades now, he’s been showing America’s enemies why we have the most formidable army in the world.

This week he dropped another quintessential “Mattis-ism.” When a reporter asked Mattis what his greatest concerns were for 2018, The ‘Mad Dog’ responded by saying: “I don’t have concerns, I make them.” And to America’s enemies, he’s really not kidding.

Mattis once said “I’m going to plead with you, do not cross us. Because if you do, the survivors will write about what we do here for 10,000 years.” The man is pure grit, and there’s no better human being to be in charge of defending this country. (Read More…)

Report: Comey’s leaks possibly could lead to losing law license

Comey’s been in hot water for a few months now, and it’s only getting worse. An attorney filed a grievance against Comey’s law license, claiming that he leaked classified information in his memos regarding his interactions with President Trump. Ty Clevenger, the attorney who filed the grievance, claims that Comey’s leak broke the Rules of Professional Conduct that all lawyers are required to follow.

If the New York Bar finds that Comey did violate the rules, Comey could lose his license to practice law. This might seem like it’s not all that important, but being disbarred doesn’t exactly look good no matter what profession one is attempting to enter. (Read More…)

‘Jeopardy’ host Alex Trebek makes tragic ‘blood clot’ announcement

Scary news for the man who has hosted Jeopardy! for so many years. Alex Trebek was recently diagnosed with blood clots in his brain and was required to undergo surgery the very next day.

This actually took place last month, and happily, Trebek made it out of the surgery. He’ll be taking some time off to recover, but his doctors are optimistic that he’ll return at 100%. Jeopardy! fans won’t even have to miss Trebek because the surgery and his recovery didn’t interrupt the taping of the shows. Keep your chin up, Alex, everyone is pulling for you! (Read More…)

Man indicted for making assassination threat against Donald Trump

Last month, a man named Travis Luke Dominguez threatened to kill President Trump and any law enforcement that got in his way. That didn’t work out quite the way he planned. Unsurprisingly, the Secret Service and the police don’t take these threats lightly, and Dominguez was promptly arrested. Now, he’s just been indicted.

Dominguez, a Utah native, planned to kill President Trump when he went to visit Salt Lake City. On December 4th, Dominguez wrote, “I woke up and decided [I am] going to kill the president.” Later he said he was going to kill Trump for being “sexist racist and homophobic.” Some of that good old liberal tolerance, naturally.

Dominguez is facing dozens of years of jail time. I wonder how tolerant the would-be assassin’s new friends in prison will be? (Read More…)

Documents reveal FBI claimed McCabe had no conflict of interest ‘investigating’ Hillary

From Comey to Strzok and now to McCabe, the FBI has looked terrible for the last few months. Newly released FBI documents claim that Deputy Director Andrew McCabe didn’t have any conflict of interest because he wasn’t in an oversight role over the Clinton email investigation — until after his wife lost her Virginia Senate bid. Why is this relevant? McCabe’s wife received $700,000 from Clinton associates for her campaign. So the logic is that, because she lost, McCabe’s political biases disappeared?

This is just a ridiculous line of reasoning; biases aren’t merely due to one’s current financial associates, it’s also about their political allegiances. Are we really supposed to believe that McCabe somehow forgot about the Clinton machine’s generosity towards his wife in the few months that elapsed before he thrust himself into a key role investigating Hillary?

The media has been playing defense for McCabe since this news dropped. Come on people, showing that his wife’s loss occurred before he was on the investigation doesn’t somehow show that he’s an unbiased investigator. Nice try. (Read More…)

Bombshell report: Witness claims Mueller tried to fix Grand Jury against Trump

Add Mueller to the list of increasingly questionable FBI officials. An anonymous source has alleged that he attempted to stack a grand jury against President Trump. Juries are supposed to representative of the public. But this source said that the people called to duty that day looked collectively like a Bernie Sanders rally. Considering the disdain for Trump in liberal areas like DC, it’s even more important to get a demographically balanced jury to ensure impartial justice — something that didn’t happen.

But we shouldn’t be surprised — it seems exceedingly unlikely that Mueller or anyone at the FBI is out for justice. Rather, they’re out to lead a political witch hunt against a fairly elected president. (Read More…)

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