Breaking: Massive Hillary health attack caught on video – wow

During the presidential race in 2016, Hillary Clinton nearly collapsed multiple times. Remember the video that went viral where she had to be held up by two guards before being hoisted into a vehicle? Well, that was apparently just the beginning.

While on a “girls trip” in India, Hillary was exiting a building by descending a set of stone stairs, when she completely lost her balance and started to fall down the stairs. Thankfully for her, two men were nearby to support her until she reached the bottom.

There were good reasons for people to be concerned about Hillary’s health; she clearly has something going on. Liberals were all over Trump for insignificant health news while Hillary can barely walk. Get a grip, liberals, and while you’re at it, hold on to Hillary before she falls over again. (Read More…)

Media trashes Trump’s plan for peace in Middle East. Here’s why they’re wrong.

Mainstream media outlets and Democrats attack Trump and his family for every perceived transgression they can imagine. Their most recent attack is against Trump’s son-in-law and advisor, Jared Kushner. Specifically, they’ve somehow divined that his Middle East peace plan will fail.

Everyone knows that Israelis and Palestinians have been in a defacto state of war for years, and there have been multiple attempts to find a peaceful solution. Kushner has reportedly crafted an elaborate and creative plan which attempts to avoid the mistakes of prior attempts at peace. Liberal rag Vanity Fair is saying that because Trump moved the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem – like every president said they would do – that Kushner’s deal is dead. This is the same publication that falsely predicted riots in the Middle East after the embassy was moved. You’d think they would tread lightly on this topic given their track record.

There’s just no truth to this. Remember, the plan hasn’t even been announced yet. The media is telling us that it has no chance of success, despite the fact that they don’t even know what it is. It’s an embarrassingly transparent hack job even by the low standards of the liberal press. (Read More…)

Dolly Parton: ‘I’m not in politics, I’m an entertainer’

It’s so refreshing when musicians, actors, and comedians actually know what their role is in American society. It’s not to try and inform us, or “bring awareness” to their causes, or to lecture Americans on why their lifestyles are wrong, it’s to entertain us. That’s what they get paid for; that’s it.

Dolly Parton knows this. And being the classy woman that she is, she refuses to answer baiting political questions from liberal reporters. “I’m not in politics,” she said, “I’m an entertainer.” Imagine if all the other entertainers took a page out of Parton’s book…

Maybe we’d be able to stomach awards shows or late night TV. I won’t hold my breath. (Read More…)

2,000 people killed in fight for Raqqa – and they’re still pulling out bodies

This is genuinely heartbreaking. What’s happening in Syria is quite simply tragic. Raqqa used to be one of the most populous cities in Syria and now it’s a complete and utter wasteland. Buildings are decimated and it’s basically a ghost town. Seeing footage is eye-opening, to say the least.

Bombings and snipers have taken at least 2,000 lives, and so many of the bodies are still stuck under rubble. In a video linked in this article, a woman’s entire family was killed and she is unable to even retrieve their bodies to properly bury them.

With ISIS on the run, hopefully, these people can finally find some peace. (Read More…)

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