Massive FBI scandal uncovered?

The FBI has some explaining to do. From James Comey’s political grandstanding and incompetence to Robert Mueller’s determination that the Uranium One deal didn’t need to be investigated in 2010, it’s been a showcase of poor leadership. Unfortunately, it seems to only be getting worse.

Five entire months worth of text messages between FBI lovers Peter Strzok and Lisa Page have mysteriously disappeared — despite the fact that the FBI was supposed to be preserving all of those records. This is beyond belief. Attorney General Jeff Sessions knows this, and he said he will “leave no stone unturned” in determining what has happened to these texts. More importantly, he’s promised to prosecute any wrongdoing that might be uncovered.

I hope Sessions will keep his word because something needs to be done here. The FBI is either so incompetent as to have lost reams of evidence that is subject to investigation, or they’re purposefully trying to cover up something. (Read More…)

Bombshell: Loretta Lynch knew Hillary wouldn’t be charged in email scandal

Speaking of massive bias in the FBI and DOJ, there’s been another incredibly troubling development. Recent discoveries from Peter Strzok’s text messages indicate that Strzok and his mistress knew something that James Comey and Loretta Lynch apparently knew as well: the FBI was never going to take real action against Hillary Clinton.

Their infamous “insurance policy” was the Russian investigation into Trump, beginning with Strzok on the actual case. But it stands to reason that the knowledge that Clinton wouldn’t face charges was also a form of insurance.

Enough lies, deceit, and corruption. It’s time to see what they’ve been up to over the last year. (Read More…)

Megyn Kelly obliterates “Hanoi Jane” Fonda in on air roast that’s going viral

Every once in a while, Megyn Kelly reminds her audience that she was at one time a smart, incisive political pundit. She did just that this week when she defended herself against some pretty ridiculous complaints made by Jane “I hate American troops” Fonda.

Hanoi Jane went after Kelly for asking her a question about getting plastic surgery done; something she has openly talked about in the past, and highlights in her recent movie on aging. Fonda took offense for some reason unknown, and Kelly slammed her in response.

Fonda’s “moral indignation is a little much” Kelly concluded. Yes, it is. If you pose for pictures on an anti-aircraft gun used to shoot Americans out of the sky, you don’t get to complain about trivial nonsense. (Read More…)

Bombshell: FBI texts reveal discussion of “Secret Society” meeting after Trump’s election

I wish I didn’t have to inform you of yet another ridiculous FBI story, but you really need to hear this. Among the recently released Strzok-Page texts — you know, the ones that didn’t somehow go missing — another disturbing message has been discovered.

The day after Trump won the election, Strzok sent a message about “the first meeting of the secret society.” Was he being literal? Was a real secret society being formed and meeting within the FBI? It’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s farce anymore.

What’s at least very easy to imagine is that Strzok, Page, and possibly others, were a part of an anti-Trump group that really didn’t want the President’s first year in office to be a success.

This occurred, remember, while Strzok was “investigating” Trump’s supposed connections to Russia. What is going on here? (Read More…)

Trump’s attorney announces that James Comey committed a federal crime

Comey might finally have to pay for his lies. While under oath, Comey said that he didn’t make the determination to decline recommending prosecution for Clinton before Hillary was interviewed. The problem here is that the FBI memo exonerating Hillary (where Strzok changed the language) was written prior to interviewing her.

So Comey lied, while under oath and testifying before Congress. That, as Trump’s attorney, Jay Sekulow, has noted, is a felony. He could be in serious trouble. (Read More…)

Leftist billionaire is organizing an impeachment movement to topple Donald Trump

Soros is already after Trump, and he’s setting up operations all over the country. But now Trump has another very wealthy enemy who’s pushing for his impeachment. Tom Steyer, a billionaire hedge fund manager and far-left activist, is out for political blood. He’s been organizing well-funded meetings all over the country aimed at making a concerted effort to impeach the President.

Steyer put up a website shortly after the President was elected, and he’s been working at this goal for months. He’s been embraced by a leftist base that will apparently try anything they can to stop a legitimately elected president. (Read More…)

One radical step to eradicate poverty in America

So this one is directly from me. I’ve owned and operated businesses I’ve founded since I left high school, and I’ve done pretty well over the years. Part of my success comes from being financially literate and understanding how to treat money. More than that though, it was my philosophy on what to do with the money I made that allowed me to thrive.

This is all part of a larger way in which I understand virtue and American culture. In short, we need to rid ourselves of the consumerism that has taken hold in our society and replace it with a thrifty, productive, and financially educated population.

In this article, I lay out some of the reforms I think need to be made to our education system to try and bring these changes about. I really suggest you all check it out, and I hope the advice in it has some value to you.  (Read More…)

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